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The Czech Connection

email from a teacher in Luby, Czech Republic:
The word "luby" is very old - more than 1200 years.It comes from the age of common Slavonic existence.It has ment layer of wood under the bark, bast.It connects with a Latin word "liber", which means both bast and book, because the texts were written originaly on inner side of bark.In our area is the word "luby" used in this meaning-the sides of belly of string musical instruments. It coheres with historicaly basic activity,music instruments making,of the inhabitants of this place. But your name can have a different older origin. It can have an Indoeuropean basis "leubh", which gave a basis to an old czech word "luby" and latin word "libet" or german "lieb". It connects with czech "lÝbit se"(like), "lÝbeznř" (beautiful), or "lÝbat" (kiss).

Yours sincerely Irena Kindlovß - the teacher of SOUHN Luby

Stringed Instruments made in Luby, Czech Republic

HornÝ Luby You have to enlarge the map to see it.

The Ukraine Connection

Another Allan Luby roams the planet. This a note from Allan Luby of Kenora Ontario to Allan Luby (Webmaster) of Corbyville Ontario

Hello Allan, Yes it is odd, not to many Luby's around.  I'm the Chief (former) of Ochiichagwe'Babigo'Ining Ojibway Nation in Treaty #3 in the Kenora Area, no Paul in the name.

Have checked out your web-site.  Interesting,  our family name comes from Ukraine.  The family moved here in the late 1890's (Grandfather) and 1905 (Grandmother)  The Ukrainian name means to like or to love.

I have little information beyond my Great-Grandparents due to the Russion rule of Ukraine.

The Irish Connection


email from John Luby in Scotland

Nice to hear from you, Allan.  Sorry for not replying immediately, but I don't always keep the best of health these days.

Can't be of any huge help, I'm afraid, as I've never enquired seriously into my own family history beyond what I heard from my folks and encountered during idle moments on the internet.  Doesn't seem to be a common name anywhere.  Although I now live in Scotland (where I'm still an 'incomer' after 33 years!) I was born in the NE of England of Irish stock.  I was in my late teens before I even heard of anyone outside my immediate family with the same name.  My Dad's folks were Irish, and we always assumed our forebears had come across either during the Famine, or perhaps with the Navvies during the Industrial Revolution.  I've never come across any particularly Scottish connection - there are many Lubys in Scotland, but those few I've met all seem to be of Irish stock.  The name apparently originated as O'Luby/O'Lubaig of Ballyluby in Tipperary (seriously!) though I've personally never met or heard of anyone bearing the traditional form of the name.  The only famous Irish Luby I've heard of was one of the founder members of the Fenian movement - there's a Luby Street in Dublin.

Have to say the Czech connection is news to me - though phonetically it sounds reasonable.

And that's about the extent of my knowledge.  I do have a couple of Bookmarks that might interest you, if you don't have them already:
When I first started using the internet, about 7 or 8 years ago, a search like yours brought up only half a dozen names.  There seem to be hundreds now!  Quite a lot in the USA
John Luby's home page
Griffith Index for County Tipperary

The U.S. Connection

Luby is the 13,725th most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.001%; percentile is 74.392 [SourceCBN]

email from recording artist Jan Luby
Hi Allan, Where are you located? My father's family was from Denver, Colorado and there are still some Luby's there and in surrounding areas. These are Irish Lubys (originally O'Looby, which is Gaelic for clown) and not the Jewish Lubys (shortened from Lubinski)..I will check out the site. As you probably know, it's not a very common name. My father was Richard Luby. His stage name was Mel Ody. He was one of the best jugglers this country ever saw. He worked silent except for his own humming (melody) and when he worked with bands or orchestras. If you know anything about juggling, he was a peer of Bobby May's. My father's cousin, George Luby has done an extensive family tree...But I don't think he's hooked up to cyberspace...He's in Pueblo, Co.

The Canadian Connection

North Frederiksburg  (Napanee) Cemeteries L
... Luby, Frederick T. 1896 - 1951, h/o Marie Cecile Bondy, f/o JoAnn Luby, St. Patricks.
Luby, JoAnn, 1933 - 1930, s/o Frederick T. & Marie Cecile Luby, St. ...

Motherload of Luby genealogy

Athletic Lubys

Pat Luby played in the old National League Hugh Luby and
Who Is Sue Luby  

Artistic Lubys

Mort Luby- Artist and Painter Stardock Alpha - Artwork by Andrew Luby Timothy Luby - Composer
Jan Luby
Joan Luby Bob Luby's Home Page The writing of Michael E. Luby Clark Luby
S. Roy Luby - Filmography Mel Ody (Pvt. Dick Luby)    

Political Lubys

City of Toronto, City Councillors - Gloria Lindsay Luby Lindsay Luby Thomas Clarke Luby (1821-1901)

Luby's Recipes 

Luby History
Handbook of Texas Online: LUBY, JAMES O.

Luby Song: Here We Go Luby-Loo, here we go Luby lie, here We Go Luby-Loo, all on a Saturday night (contact webmaster if you know the rest of this song) 
Luby Anthem  turn on your speakers


The German Connection

Lubish, a. Comm. Obs. exc. Hist.

     Of or belonging to Lubeck, a town of northern Germany, formerly a member of the Hanseatic League.

     1. In mark Lubish , schilling Lubish , denominations belonging to a money of account formerly in extensive mercantile use in North Germany.
   15.. Aberdeen Reg. (Jam.), xij Lubbis sh, xx merkis Lubis. 1563 Ibid. XXV. (Jam.), Aucht daleris & tuelf Lup schilling... To pay x sh. for ilk mark lupis. c1575 Balfour's Practicks (1754) 88 One thousand lubyes stok fish is ane last. 1622 MALYNES Anc. Law-Merch. 177 The Mariners are to haue two shillings lups for euery Last for doing of it. Ibid. 415 The said Doller was valued at two markes Lubish, euery marke being sixteene shillings Lubish. 1823 CRABB Technol. Dict. , Lubs or Lubesh, a term applied to the money of Lubeck and Hamburgh, as sterling is to English money. 1858 HOMANS Cycl. Comm. 1324/2 The mark Lubs, or Lubec mark, used at Hamburgh, is a money of account, equal to 29 cents.
     {dag}b. transf. Genuine, authorized. Cf. sterling.
   1632 LITHGOW Trav. VI. 271 Although they be bastards & wooden blocks, yet are they better clad, then their lupish legitimate ones.
     {dag}2. Lubecks beer : a strong beer brewed at Lubeck.
   [ 1594 NASHE Unfort. Trav. E1b, Thy horses..shall kneed vp to the spruce beere and lubeck licour. ] 1608 HEYWOOD Rape of Lucrece sig. E4 Were it in Lubeckes or double double beere their owne naturall liquor i'de pledge it. 1639 H. GLAPTHORNE Albertus Wallenstein III. iii. F3b, I thinke you'r drunk With Lubecks beere or Brunswicks Mum.

email from  Judi Luby
Hi Allan:
My name is Judi, and I am artist Bob Luby's wife. My apologies for not acknowledging your mail sooner. We have looked at your site, and found it to be quite interesting and well constructed. Thank you for including our name and site. We have tried researching Bob's family to no avail. The
original name was Lubyjewski, and because my father-in-law was in business, and no one could remember his name, he shortened it. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to do extensive research as yet. Since you have included us on your site, I am asking your permission to include your site as a link on ours. Perhaps one of our viewers can assist you in obtaining more Luby information. I didn't see any links back to you on any of the other artist's pages, so I thought I had better ask permission. Please advise, and have a great day !

Lubys in Cartoons

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